With the holidays just around the corner, local merchants are gearing up for the busy holiday shopping season. Stores have been decorated with festive colours and Christmas carols are playing in the background. Businesses are busy crafting unique products for the special people on your Christmas list. When choosing a gift for a loved one, coworker, or that “hard to buy for” friend, there is no need to look far. By shopping locally, you will find the perfect gift for everyone and make a positive impact in your community at the same time.

When you shop local, you:

  • Help the environment – Shopping locally reduces your carbon footprint. When shoppers and products travel less, greenhouse gas emissions are reduced, less packaging is required, and products stay fresher and safer. Nothing tastes better than fresh produce from the farm.


  • Create local jobs – When you buy local, you support businesses that employ people in your community. As local business increases, so does local employment. 


  • Get individualized services and products – Local businesses take the time to get to know and support their customers.  We are always willing to go the extra mile. Local businesses cater to the individualized needs and preferences of our customers. At the farm, we pride ourselves on quality customer service. We are always willing to help with any questions, concerns, or unique inquiries. We can customize orders and offer flexibility. 


  • Strengthen the local economy – When you spend money at a local business, the money stays in the community. Money generated from local businesses’ taxes benefits everyone. Local businesses support each other and various community organizations, events, and charities. When you purchase products from Lennox Farm, you are not only supporting the farm, but other agri-businesses, entrepreneurs, and family-owned businesses we partner with.

By shopping locally this holiday season you are guaranteed to find some unique gifts while contributing to the positive development of our community.

“Every time you spend money, you are casting a vote for the kind of world you want.”

~ Anna Lappe