The self-serve farm stand is a time-old tradition in farming communities and an integral aspect of many farms. While driving down an old dirt road in the summer, you can often come upon a stand filled with fresh-cut flowers, eggs, and just-picked produce. This type of retail operation allows farmers to provide the community with access to homegrown produce and various homemade products while focusing on other important jobs around the farm, such as tending to crops and animals.   Self-serve operations run solely on the honor system and put the trust in their customers – and that is just what Lennox Farm is doing!

This year, Lennox Farm has decided to move to a complete self-serve model in addition to the online store. This change has allowed flexibility to extend business hours.  The market is now open 7 days a week from 9 am until 7 pm, from March through December. The market will continue to offer fresh, homegrown produce and produce from other local farms. Farm eggs, cut flowers, preserves, baking, and other goodies are also available inside the market.  

The shopping process at Lennox Farm Market is simple. Customers serve themselves by selecting the items they would like to purchase, calculating the total amount owing, and depositing their cash payment in the money slot on the wall.  For those who do not have cash on hand, e-transfers are also accepted.  Customers are encouraged to bring their own reusable bags and containers to pack their purchases in.  Lennox Farm strives to provide the freshest and healthiest local produce around and regularly restocks items as necessary throughout the day.  This year, Lennox Farm Market is running a “Give Back” campaign where proceeds from monthly market sales will be donated to a deserving local organization.  Each month a different organization in Dufferin County will be highlighted for the amazing work they are doing within the community. 

The self-serve market supports a focus on regenerative agriculture and the circular food system Lennox Farm strives to achieve.  As produce is harvested and sold directly to local consumers, waste production and resource consumption decrease, and in doing so, the ecological footprint of the farm is minimized.  Working together and supporting each other, we can all grow!