September 30th is the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. We remember and reflect on the horrors Indigenous children and families endured because of residential and day schools in Canada. We respect Indigenous treaties and rights and consider what we can do to advance reconciliation, help create a more inclusive community, and ensure history does not repeat itself.

Lennox Farm acknowledges the ancestral lands and treaty territories of the Tionontati (Petun/Wyandot(te)), Haudenosaunee (Six Nations), and Anishinaabe Peoples. We recognize that we reside within the lands named under the Haldimand Deed of 1784 and the Lake Simcoe-Nottawasaga Treaty (Treaty 18).  We declare to honour and respect the past and present connection of Indigenous peoples with this land, its waterways, and its resources. We are truly blessed to be able to live, work, and raise our families on this beautiful and bountiful land.  

We feel privileged to be stewards of the land and owe so much to the original Indigenous stewards who have a rich history in agriculture. Today we take deliberate action to protect, restore, and improve the land.   We employ sustainable farming practices and reduce our carbon footprint through innovation. We are developing our regenerative farming practices such as cover cropping, crop rotations, increasing biodiversity, and reducing tillage and inputs.  We strive to show great respect to, and appreciation of nature in our daily interactions.