Mission, Vision and Values


We are advocates of working in collaboration with our fellow farmers and local agribusiness to improve the local economy. We are passionate about agriculture education, protecting our land, and reducing our ecological impact. We strive to improve our farming practices each season so we can grow our soil’s health and produce healthier food to nurture the community.  By ensuring ethical farming practices and employing regenerative agriculture practices, we work tirelessly towards improving the health of our land, our food, and the local community.



Supporting the community with healthy, fresh, local food.


Healthy Soil.  Healthy Food.  Healthy Communities.

Our Core Beliefs


The roots run deep in our fields and operations. Lennox Farm has been passed down for five generations and currently we are raising the sixth generation on the farmstead.  Family provides us with a strong foundation of support, teaches us core values, and passes on important traditions. As a family we work together to build a stronger future.


We value all relationships and treat each one with respect.  Most importantly we respect nature and ensure we never take more that we give back.  We take deliberate action to protect our land and make it healthier.  We respect our fellow farmers and the sacrifices they make daily so we can enjoy healthy food.  We respect our customers and demonstrate integrity in all of our interactions.


We strive to provide the highest quality products to our customers. From food safety to freshness, nutrition to flavour, we spend endless hours ensuring top quality.  We hand harvest all of our produce and carefully grade, package and prepare for sale.  Whether you are purchasing our produce or preserves, you can be rest assured the quality is superb.


We believe that by taking care of the environment and reducing our ecological footprint, we will all prosper. We employ sustainable farming practices and work towards doing more with less, reducing waste, and being innovative in product creation, repurposing equipment, and reusing materials. We are developing our regenerative farming practices such as: cover cropping, crop rotations, increasing biodiversity, and reducing tillage and the use of synthetic fertilizers/pesticides.


Community is at our core.  Our mission is to support the community by providing healthy, fresh, and local food.  We believe in sharing our bounty and giving back to our community through donations, fundraising, food drives, and volunteering.  We partner with organizations and businesses in our community to make collective, positive change.  Collaborating with our neighbours, fellow farmers, and agribusinesses we believe we can help each other grow.


We believe that education is a powerful tool. We are lifelong learners and are continually growing and developing to become better stewards of the land.  We are passionate about educating the community about the environment, agriculture, healthy food, and healthy lifestyles. We believe that the more you understand about the food you eat and how it is produced, the healthier you and our planet will be.


Lennox Farm Ltd. 518024 County Road 124,

Melancthon, Ontario Canada