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CanadaGAP™ is a food safety program for companies that produce and handle fruits and vegetables. It is designed to help implement and maintain effective food safety procedures within fresh produce operations.

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The French’s have been growing Rhubarb since the 1890’s. Lennox Farm’s rhubarb is available at many grocery stores and farmer’s markets across Ontario and in the United States. This super vegetable full of fiber, calcium, potassium, folic acid, and Vitamin C and A tastes delicious in pies, crisps, preserves, and much more!

While the French’s continue to improve sustainable farming practices with new technologies, many traditional growing and harvesting practices are still in use today. During the early summer months, the beautiful red and green rhubarb stalks are hand picked, graded, and packed. Fresh rhubarb is also available from January to May.

In the winter months, Lennox Farm grows rhubarb indoors in forcing sheds. Winter rhubarb produces a tender deep red or pink stalk, which is not as tart as summer rhubarb.

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Bill French began growing peas in the early 1990’s. What started out as only a few acres has grown to about 100 acres of the sweetest, juiciest peas available in Ontario. The French’s attribute the great taste to the cold bottom silt loam soil that allow them grow peas in the hotter summer months of July and August.

Peas are hand picked everyday ensure that only the freshest peas get sent to market. Peas are available from mid July until the late September frost.

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Bill and Brian French began growing Brussels sprouts in the late 1990’s. They have grown the business from 10 acres to over 40 acres at present. Only the best varieties are chosen to grow on the farm, making sure that they get the nice sweet flavor they are known for. The soil and cooler climate also contribute to the flavour.

Many people have told the French’s that they had a strong dislike for Brussels sprouts until they have tried the ones grown by Lennox Farm.

Brussels sprouts are available from September until November. Daily, produce from Lennox Farm is delivered to The Ontario Food Terminal. It is also available for purchase on the Farm.

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